Why do I act what I do?


  • I live with pleasure in a healthy environment
  • I live with pleasure in community
  • I have fun in the activities in the nature
  • I develop with pleasure solutions for technical problems

What is my concern?

  • Removal of lasting water economy
  • Support of ecological projects and communities
  • With the help of in the life in community

Why does my project exist?rueda

  • Passing my knowledge and my experience
  • I have the tools and material this is often absent
  • Cooperation with the network of ecological communities

For which reason should you support the project?

What do you get for it?

  • Alternative communities support and strengthen – direct, practical and understandable help
  • Ecological consciousness promote
  • Different organisations can win members and raise name recognition
  • The ecological movement strengthen „Together we are strong“

I would be glad very much if you support the project.