What do i offer?


Advice on

  • Sustainabel and ecological water management,
    • Water supply, infiltration and retention systems
    • Recycling: plant-based purification systems, dry toilets

Beyond that

  • Mobile workshop, Tools and Knowlege of adapted technology
    • Solar water heaters, Solarsystems, bicycle washing machines

  • Experience with "living in community" – advice and methods:
    • 7 points of clarity, sociocracy, co-counseling
    • networks and contacts

Who's right with me?

Ecological communities, alternative projects and rural lifestyles

  • who are interested in sustainable and conscious use of water
  • who are struggling with water shortage
  • who want to purify water
  • who want to improve their water supply
  • who want to close their water cycle

What do I do?

Contact me via mail: Contact or Facebook

We clarify what your concern is, what you can invest, the time frame and what you need to prepare. I plan my round trips carefully to keep my ecological footprint as small as possible.

What to know more?

Small projects that are still in the initial set up phases, often find themselves confronted with large tasks and little financial resources. An example of this is the irrigation system. Many of this areas in wich alterative communities settle are dried up. In order for the barren land to become fertile a water source must be found, channels must be build and the water filtered. Ecological water recycling requieres a well thougt out system: the grey shower and washingmashine water can be used in the toilet. Finally, the biological preperation as the settlements are not normally connected to the severage system. There are still many hurdles to cross: loads must be brought into the mountains despite the lack of sealed roads. It is here that specialised knowledge is required and that is where i come into play.

el dragon In my 20 years of experience with alternative lifestyles - particularly in Matavenero - i have learnt to treat resources very differntly. I have built solar energy plants and when this energy was not enough, i powered saws with water and developed a bicicle operated washing machine. With many years experience and much to show for it. I am qualified for the job. I pass my knowledge on to young projects thus helping to strengthen communities, develop new living spaces and find ways to use and preserve resources.

Your contribution for my support is to reward me according to your possibilities.

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